Company "F"
Alvin Youngs Lebanon County Died age 35
Accidentally killed at Columbia, SC Oct. 21, 1864
Cyrus Samuel Hoffa Myerstown Died ABT age 28
Missing place and date unknown. Supposed to have died date unknown at Andersonville, GA
Isaac Meily Annville Died age 21
Died Mar. 23, 1862 in hospital at Columbia, SC
Frederick Ricker Lebanon County Died age 41
Died Apr. 14, 1865 of disease in hospital at Point Lookout, MD
Charles Riser Lebanon County Died age 32
Died Nov. 14, 1861 of typhoid fever at Columbia Hospital, Washington, D.C. Interred near hospital
George H. Walker Annville Died age 24
Captured Oct. 12, 1863 at place unknown. Died September 1864 while prisoner at Millen, GA