F & S
John L. Sherk North Lebanon Died age 29
Killed at Bardstown, KY Dec. 24, 1864. Buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Lebanon, PA


Company "I"
Jeremiah Brightbill Born Lebanon Died age 22
Died January 1864 of disease in hospital at Louisville, KY
John Brightbill (Brechbill) Bethel Township Died age 20
Killed about Apr. 20, 1864 on the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad while on his way home on furlough from Nashville, TN


Company "M"
Charles Flickenger Fredericksburg Died age 19
Died Apr. 11, 1864 at Wood & 22nd St. Hospital, Philadelphia, PA of disease
Adam James Lebanon County Died age 24
Accidentally killed Apr. 27, 1864 at Columbia, TN