Keiser Family Crest


Daniel Franklin (Red) Keiser
(1908 - 1985)



Cedar Tree

Born Nov. 9, 1908, in Williamstown, Dauphin County, PA, living in a house west of Broad Street, on the north side of the highway leading to Lykens, PA. The house was owned by Charles Rowe.

He began his school days in Sep., 1913, at the West End Williams Township School. At the end of the first year, he was promoted into the third grade, skipping second grade entirely.

In Dec., 1917, they moved to 1229 South 12th Street, Harrisburg, PA. There, Daniel would attend the L. O. Foose Grade School. He would also end up repeating the fifth grade.

They again moved in the Spring of 1917, to 1951 State Street, Harrisburg, PA. Here, Daniel would attend Pleasant View School. His Aunt Olive was teaching fourth grade at this same school. He would later attend the Edison Junior High School. He had chosen a Manual Arts Course and also studied the normal academics.

Daniel finished the ninth grade at Williamstown High School, as they again moved in 1922, back to Williamstown, PA where they stayed on the farm of his Grandfather Nace for a short time.

Throughout his school years, Daniel would do odd jobs, the money he earned turned over to his parents to help with the family finances. He delivered news papers, first for the Harrisburg Telegraph, and later for the Patriot Paper and the Evening News of Harrisburg, PA. And when his father started making candy, Daniel would be the salesman.

He did not return to school in 1923. He had gotten a job during the summer at Lesher's Unrivaled Hosiery Mill, to help with the family finances. It was agreed that he return to school the following year (1924). He never was able to return to school. That same year, his father, William M. R., was badly burned, and suffered other injuries, in a mine explosion and could not work. Daniel then became the "bread winner" of the family.

After the hosiery mill went on strike, he went to work for Ray Brown as an Apprentice Baker. When Ray Brown sold the bakery to Art Meyers, Daniel continued to work there as Second Baker.

He also worked at the Williamstown, PA Colliery, and at age eighteen, went to work at Big Lick (mine) as a laborer, later to become a Machine Runner's helper.

Daniel was a member of the Congregational Evangelical Church, formerly the United Evangelical Church, of Dayton, PA, where he, with his parents, attended when he was a boy. He sang on the church choir, and played catcher on the church baseball team.

He was also a member of the Liberty Hose Company No.1 of Williamstown, PA.

In Feb., 1931, Daniel met Grace Pauline nee Bettinger. At Pitman, PA, on Apr. 18, 1931, Daniel and Grace were married by the Rev. Daniel Draper.

After he was married, Daniel went to work at the Capitol Bakery, Harrisburg, PA. Then, about 1935, he went into business for himself as a "Bob-Tailor", selling fresh baked goods in the surroundings communities. He sold the business in 1938.

When Daniel's father died in 1941, he took over the candy business his father had started several years earlier. Among other sweet treats, they made "Keiser's Soft Caramels". Daniel was not in business long, as the outbreak of WWII in 1941 made it impossible to obtain the vast amounts of sugar needed to produce the candies.

In 1942, he passed an examination to receive his Miner's Certificate. He worked for the Central Iron and Steel Company of Harrisburg, PA, and in 1943 he worked at the Harrisburg Steel Corp., Harrisburg, PA.

Daniel served a short time (Feb.15, 1944 to Oct. 19, 1945) in the U.S. Navy. He took his basic training at Bainbridge, MD. He had been stationed at Norfolk, VA, and several bases in California. He was discharged from Oak Knoll Hospital, Oakland, CA, due to a medical condition, but refused his V. A. rights of a rehabilitation program for disabled veterans, stating, "he felt there were many disabled Vets with a far greater need than he and the program money should be used for them.

He worked for the federal government for a short time, at Ft. Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, Lebanon County, PA, as a Warehouseman. He kept the mess hall stocked with food from the warehouse. He was also in charge of some German prisoners of war. He was eventually forced to resign his position due to transportation difficulties to and from Tower City, PA, where he was living at the time.

Daniel finally did accept the V. A. assistance offered to him, and under the GI Bill he learned the trade of Accounting, attending the Central Pennsylvania Business College, Harrisburg, PA. He received his Accounting Certificate in Nov., 1947.

While attending the business school, he was offered, by request, a job to help teach accounting, which he accepted.

While teaching, he met Ruth Elizabeth nee Kaufman of East Salem, Juniata County, PA. She was a student there under a rehabilitation program.

Daniel was divorced from Grace Nov. 10, 1948.

On Nov. 12, 1949, Daniel and Ruth were married by the Rev. William O. Mayer. They then made there home at Elizabethtown, PA.

After several jobs in his trade of Accounting, including a time at the Bolton Hotel, Harrisburg, PA, he was hired as a Fireman at the Middletown Air Force Depot, Middletown, PA. He was later appointed Accounting Clerk at that same location.

In 1965, Daniel was transferred to Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, UT. Their home was at 1065 Fifth Street, Ogden, UT. He worked in his trade of Accounting until he retired in 1973.

He was an avid fisherman, and the mountain streams and lakes of Utah and the surrounding states made for some mighty fine Trout fishing for a man in his retirement. I'm sure he thought it was nothing like when he was a Scout Master back in Pennsylvania.

He was a member of the Trinity Presbyterian Church of Ogden, UT, where he was the treasurer, and an elder. He was also involved with several other social organizations.

Daniel died Sep. 18, 1985 (aged 76 yrs, 10 mos, 9 days). He was buried at Aultorest Memorial Park, Ogden, Utah.

Daniel was blessed with children from both marriages.


Children Of First Marriage
Donna Lee
Aug. 29, 1933
Eugene (Whitey) Doyle
Paul Shay
Larry (Ben) Lausch
Jun. 16, 1935
Caroline Ruth Lane


Children Of Second Marriage
Carol Ann
Jul. 28, 1953
David Payne
Connie Louise
Oct. 25, 1958
Richard Conrad
Frederick Kirby