Keiser Family Crest


Daniel William Keiser
(1935 - )



Cedar Tree

Born Dec. 9, 1888.  No information is available about William M. R. until he married Susan Adeline nee Nace of Williams Township, Dauphin County, PA, May 9, 1908.  She was born Oct. 8, 1887 and is the daughter of Daniel C. Nace and Susanna nee Carl of Williamstown, Dauphin County, PA.

Born Jun. 16, 1935 at Sheridan, Dauphin County, PA.

He attended school in several towns, including Williamstown, Dauphin County, PA and Shenandoah, Schuylkill County, PA, until he quit in the 10th grade.

All through his life, he enjoyed the sports of hunting and fishing, and just being out doors in general.

Daniel's work history began probably about age fourteen, when he worked in the Coal Holes (Bootlegging I think).

He never served in the military although he did have a desire to do so. At the time, he was still at an age that parental consent was needed. His mother would not give her consent, and he never again pursued the desire.

Daniel, along with his mother, moved to Lebanon, PA about 1952. They had lived on Steitz Street near 16th and Walnut Streets. He stayed on his own after his mother, Grace, married Clarence Marlin Adams of Williamstown, PA, whom was living on Chestnut Street, Lebanon, PA.

He became what can be said to be an undocumented tree surgeon, working for Earl Batman, a tree service company of Lebanon County, PA, for several years. He also worked a number of years for Blackie's Nursery of Lebanon, PA, a nursery and landscaping company, where he also became somewhat of an expert.

Daniel held several other jobs through the years until he was employed by the Manheim Asbestos company, Manheim, PA, now known as Raytech, in Oct., 1965. They manufacture clutches and brakes, predominantly. He retired from Raytech in Jun., 1997. Daniel held several different jobs and positions during the years he was employed there.

On May 1, 1954, Daniel was married to Caroline Ruth nee Lane of Lebanon, PA. She was born Aug. 13, 1937 and is the daughter of Edmund Mathew Lane and his wife Mildred Catherine nee Potteiger of Lebanon, PA.

Daniel, like his father and grandfather before him, had vision of his own business. In the years between 1958-60, he, along with his good friend Eugene (Jiggs) Chadwick, went into business moonlighting as bakers. They made breads, donuts and other pastries, at first for their own families. As relatives and friends savored the goods, word got around and orders came in. Week by week, more and more orders had to be filled.

Eventually, demand for the products became so great, the single oven cook stove could no longer handle the load, nor could the two would be bakers, as they had no tools or machines for mixing and preparing the dough's. All the dough had to be mixed and kneaded by hand.

Since both men had regular jobs and families, all the baking was done on Friday and deliveries were made on Saturday.

The opportunity to expand into a full time business had to be passed by for reasons of lack of capitol and backing, as a regular shop equipped with machines and bigger ovens was needed.

In Jan., 1963, Daniel, with his family, and the family of John and Margaret, sister of Caroline, (Bud & Peg) Conrad, moved to Mesilla Park, NM, just north of Los Cruses, NM. While seeking employment among local oil fields, he worked for a local nursery and landscaping firm. But after unforeseen circumstances arose, Daniel was forced to move the two families back to Lebanon, PA. They left Mesilla Park, NM Jun. 16, 1963.

After returning from New Mexico, Daniel and his family stayed a short time with his mother, Grace, and stepfather, C. Marlin Adams. He bought a mobile home in the summer of 1963, then in spring 1964 moved his home and family to 2002 Jay Street, Lebanon, PA. While there, he bought a new home which he, in Jun., 1966, moved to Green Acres Trailer Park, North Lebanon Township, Lebanon County, PA. In Dec., 1988, Daniel sold the mobile home and bought his first house in Lebanon, PA where he currently resides with his wife, Caroline.

They were blessed with two children.


Chris Daniel
Mar. 3, 1955
Elaine Eva Laudermilch
Daniel William, Jr.
Oct. 30, 1956
Alice F. Kurtz