Author's Letter


Welcome Everyone!

                                        Ever wander who your ancestors were, who you could be related to?  Well I have too, and  I'd like you to meet the descendants and relatives of Philip Keiser and Maria Eva ( Eve) Zimmerman.  Browse through more than two hundred years of the Keiser Family Tree and History.  Explore our heritage.

          I was always fascinated when hearing the stories and family folk lore, intrigued by every detail, yearning to hear more.  Growing up and living just minutes away from the towns and communities of our ancestors just added so much more to my curiosities of my heritage.

          After the death of my grandfather, Daniel Franklin Keiser, in 1985, I acquired the material of his work on the Keiser Family Tree and History, and associated families.  Among the material was a book, hand written at the age of eighty four, by Henry Keiser in 1924.

          To preserve the integrity and prevent any further deterioration of Henry's book, I quickly decided to copy it.

          I often found Henry's penmanship difficult to understand and was unable to decipher some of the text with absolute certainty, but as I slowly made my way through the book I became more and more fascinated and intrigued by the stories he told of each person.

          The work of Henry Keiser was my inspiration to create this website, and it is my intent to share the information with everyone who cares to browse these pages.  It is my goal, to authenticate all of Henry's work, and to gather information that I may further complete the Keiser Family Tree and History. 

          For the most part I have been able to confirm almost all of Henry's information, with only minimal discrepancies and uncertainties remaining.  I have updated much of my branch of the Keiser Family Tree and History, but there are many more branches to complete.

          Weather you are searching for your roots or just browsing, I hope you will come to know and enjoy the families as I have.  Thanks For Stopping!!

                 Chris D. Keiser