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The Buy-A-Brick campaign was initiated to raise funds which would allow us to have the twenty six remaining names added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  The memorial contains a plaque bearing the names of all forty-four men from, or associated with Lebanon County, who fell in Vietnam, but when the memorial was first constructed only eighteen bricks bearing the names of the fallen were purchased . The funds raised would also allow us to maintain the integrity of the memorial as a whole; replacing the nine flags as needed and general upkeep.

The revenue generated also allows us to participate in events such as the Lebanon Memorial Day Parade, and contribute to grassroots projects associated with the other memorials within Fisher Veterans Park, Monument Park and the Soldier's Block at Mount Lebanon Cemetery.

Blank bricks are already in place at the memorial and your inscription is engraved on-site. Keep in mind, a minimun number of orders is required before engraving can be completed.

The memorial is divided into two sections, the actual Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Walkway of Honored Memories. When placing an order we offer a number of options.

Preferred or Random Location. You may select the brick you want from the charts below or we will choose one for you.

Walkway or Memorial. Most purchases can only be included on the Walkway of Honored Memories. However, anyone who served in-country, or any brick being purchased for someone who served in-country before January 27, 1973 is eligible for a brick on the actual Vietnam Veterans Memorial.; this includes Navy personnel who served in Blue water.

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Buy A Brick Campaign - Chart  Buy A Brick Campaign - Chart - Memoria  Buy A Brick Campaign - Chart - Walkway
      Fig. 1              Fig. 2       Fig. 3

Figure 1 shows the entire Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Walkway of Honored Memories. Disregard color scheming, this image is not up to date - for referance only.

Figure 2 shows the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. All Yellow spaces are filled. All Green spaces are availble. All other spaces are unavailable.

Figure 3 shows the Walkway of Honored Memories. All White and Yellow spaces are filled. All Blue spaces are available. All other spaces are unavailable.

Bricks are available to everyone, veteran or civilian, and you decide what goes on it. There is a maximum of two lines with no more than 15 characters (including spaces) per line. The price per brick is $50 payable to Project Wecome Home, 1118 Victor Street, Lebanon, PA 17042.


Poor Is The Nation Which Has No Heroes
Shameful Is The Nation Which Has Them And Forgets