Honoring And Remembering

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America's Veterans
Fallen Heroes


Project Welcome Home currently has only about fifteen active members, and we are continuously seeking to increase our numbers.

Unlike veterans only organizations with specific membership criteria, or lineage sensative organizations, Project Welcome Home offers an open membership to all veterans and civilians.

Membership is not limited to just Lebanon city residents, all Lebanon County residents are welcome to join. Live in Berks, Dauphin, Lancaster or Schuylkill Counties, you too are welcome.

Project Welcome Home has no standard for meetings, they are on a need to basis or about every three to four months. However, all meetings must be and are held within the Lebanon city limits.

We'd love to hear from you and have you on our team. If interested in joing us please contact Project Welcome Home.


Poor Is The Nation Which Has No Heroes
Shameful Is The Nation Which Has Them And Forgets