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In the beginning, 2007, there was the 10th Anniversary rededication of the Lebanon County Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  After ten months of planning and preparing, the event was an overwhelming success; despite the torrential rain the night before and the unwelcome cold and bone-chilling breeze of a cloud filled sky on the day of the much-anticipated event.


Reeling from success and suffering from withdrawal, 2008 brought a willingness to come up with yet another project.  As a result of several underlying and overlapping circumstances the Project Welcome Home Committee felt that the tiny park, which contains so many memorials, was inappropriately named and immediately set out to vie for the name to be changed.  Known as and called by many names since its purchase in 1923, the official name on record was “Fisher Park”.  It was proposed by the committee that the name be changed to “Fisher Memorial Park”.

The Project Welcome Home Committee began by collecting signatures of agreement from county residents, which by mid 2008 more than 600 had been acquired.  A presentation was given to the Veterans Advisory Council for the City of Lebanon, which by unanimous decision was adopted for presentation to the City of Lebanon.

The City of Lebanon would ultimately accept the proposal, and after a process that took more than a year to complete the name was officially changed to “Fisher Veterans Park”.


Realizing the path the committee was now choosing to take, it was decided to become a legitimate Veterans Support Organization.  After completing the short process of legal issues and adopting a Constitution and By-laws, the Project Welcome Home Committee became known simply as “Project Welcome Home” in July 2008.


In 2009 Project Welcome Home, now a member organization of the Veterans Advisory Council for the City of Lebanon sponsored its first event as a Veterans Support Organization. 

A tribute to soldiers from Pennsylvania who fell in Afghanistan and Iraq, the “Pennsylvania’s “Moving” Wall of Fallen Heroes”, a mobile version of the permanent memorial in Millersburg, was first seen at the Manheim VFW in March.  It was quickly decided to bring the Moving Wall to Lebanon.

The all-day event, which was endorsed and hosted by the Veterans Advisory Council, was held at Fisher Veterans Park on July 25, 2009.


Also begun in 2009 was the Buy-A-Brick Campaign.  This program helped us to raise funds so a portion of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial could be completed, and enabled us to perform other necessary maintenance.

During the later part of 2009 the area around the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was reseeded.  The bricks, which make up the Walkway of Honored Memories and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial deck, were also cleaned.

Enough funds had been generated and in July 2010 forty-seven bricks were engraved on-site, completing that portion of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Since there are still many things to do, and engraving can be done on-site, the Buy-A-Brick Campaign has no deadline.


Major events sponsored by Project Welcome Home, as seen above, are endorsed and hosted by the Veterans Advisory Council for the City of Lebanon to achieve a stronger pull in Civilian government and for legal matters. But although we are now a direct affiliate of the Veterans Advisory Council, and its programs, Project Welcome Home still has the ability and capacity to work independently.  Each year, we independently prepare a float to enter into the Lebanon Memorial Day parade, and provide special features for the ensuing ceremonies.  Each year, we independently volunteer to participate in the placement and removal of American flags from veteran’s graves.  And each year, we independently provide special features for the Veterans Day ceremonies.

We proudly serve our veterans, and will strive to sponsor more events and programs.



Poor Is The Nation Which Has No Heroes
Shameful Is The Nation Which Has Them And Forgets