Thomas Charles Hartman



United States Navy Veteran

US Navy Insignia

USS Entemedor - SS340

USS Entemedor - SS 340 Patch



Fell December 5, 1967

Thomas was born about 1941 to Robert and Isabelle Hartman and grew up on a farm in North Lebanon Township.  He graduated from South Lebanon Township High School in 1959 and entered the United States Navy soon thereafter.  While at home he was a member of St. Gertrude's Church and the Holy Name Society.

While in the Navy he was a submariner and served for three years on the USS Entemedor.  After his term of service in the Navy he moved to California.  While there he accepted a position with Pace Communications Engineers as a construction supervisor.  He arrived in Vietnam in 1966 for a two year tour.  He was employed by Page Communications Engineers, Inc. of 98 Tran Guang Khai, Saigon.  He fell while supervising work on a project at Long Bihn.  He was checking the water level of a well on the site and was overcome with toxic fumes in the well.  Official records indicate he died by drowning.  A co-worker went to investigate and also died as a result of those same fumes.

Besides his parents he was survived by a sister, Rita; and brothers, James, William, Robert and Russell.

At the time of Thomas' death, his brother, William J., was an Army 1st Lieutenant serving in Vietnam with HHC, 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Division.


In the capacity of war civilians are often an essential element in the support of military   forces.  Though usually confined to secured areas and away from the front lines of combat, civilians have at times been placed in close proximity to military forces within a hostile environment.  For their contributions, services, and sacrifices, the United States Government and the United States Military may, and does, present awards and medals to them.  Thomas Charles Hartman was one such civilian.

There are approximately fifty government and military awards and medals that can be presented to civilians.  To date, no documentation has been discovered that shows Thomas ever received any such awards or medals, however, there are a number of them, and these are just a few, which he may have been eligible for, though posthumously.

Secretary of Defense Medal for the Defense of Freedom - Obverse Secretary of Defense Medal for the Defense of Freedom - Reverse     Vietnam Civilian Service Medal  Armed Forces Civilian Service Medal